Hyundai Glovis Co. Ltd., the car carrier with a worldwide transport network, represented in Canada by GLOVIS Canada Inc.

(GCI) uses its expertise in vehicle logistics to provide one stop service to the our valuable customers. Our staffs have many years of experience with professional knowledge in the auto industry in Canada and North America. We keep strong relationships with our partners, processers and transportation companies. GCI also uses its North American supply chain network to make sure every customers’ needs are met.
GCI delivered all Hyundai, and Kia motors vehicles in Canadian market , and we are growing rapidly every year since we started business in 2009. We are still thirty to pursing higher growing goal to achieve top customer satisfaction company in Canada.

GCI uses a very well developed Logistics ERP system called, ATLAS to provide customers very accurate and timely information in manner. Accurate and timely processing and delivery is a key aspect of logistics service and Hyundai Glovis service is based on the strong knowhow for system development for any logistical needs from our customers and partners.

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