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Title Kia Mexico manufacturing plant – One further step in Kia’s worldwide growth (12/09/2015)
Date Dec 18, 2015

Kia Mexico manufacturing plant – One further step in Kia’s worldwide growth


Since the grand launch of KIA motor in Mexico, Kia has been hard at work building a new manufacturing facility located in Pesquería in the state of Nuevo León, which is the company’s first production plant in the Latin America region.

After breaking ground in October 2014, the state-of-the-art Kia Motors Mexico plant was completed in just 13 months and holds the record for the fastest completed manufacturing facility in Kia history. In addition, the plant is one of the largest of any Kia manufacturing plants worldwide, spanning over an area of 500 hectares. Inspired by designs of traditional Mexican culture, the entrance of the site pays tribute to the archaeological site of Teotihuacan.

In line with Kia’ dedication to utilizing green manufacturing practices to decrease CO2 emissions, Kia’s Mexico production plant boasts advanced technologies in energy and environmental conservation. In addition to using alternative energy sources, the plant possesses a water treatment complex that will prevent soil contamination and harmful runoff.

With an annual production capacity of 300,000 units, output from the Mexico plant is estimated to make up 10% of Kia’s total global manufacturing output. 60% of this output will be distributed to North America, 20% to the domestic of Mexico and the remaining 20% will be exported to countries in Latin America.


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