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Title Hyundai Virtual Guide introduces augmented reality to the owner’s manual
Date Nov 16, 2015

Hyundai Virtual Guide introduces augmented reality to the owner’s manual  

Hyundai is the first mainstream automaker to launch a 2D/3D owner’s manual for smartphones and tablet computers. 

Later this year, Hyundai will be the first mainstream automaker to launch an augmented reality owner’s manual app.

The Hyundai Virtual Guide app is the brand’s modern take on the traditional owner’s manual, allowing consumers to use their smartphone or tablet computer to get how-to information for repairs, maintenance and vehicle features.

At launch, the Hyundai Virtual Guide is compatible with the 2015 Sonata model, and will soon become available for additional models.

The new app recognizes more than 45 major features of the Sonata and is available for free download on the Apple App store and Google Play. Hyundai used quality consumer survey results to determine the top difficult-to-use features to incorporate into the Virtual Guide. The app also contains 82 how-to videos, six 3D overlay images that appear once users scan areas of their vehicle like the engine bay and more than 50 informational guides.

The Hyundai Virtual Guide uses two- and three-dimensional tracking technology to deliver deep levels of information related to different parts of the car. Users simply position their phone or tablet’s camera over the part they want to learn more about.

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