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Title Hyundai Motor’s Elantra Becomes Best-selling Vehicle in Canada Last Month (02/16/2015)
Date Nov 16, 2015

Hyundai Motor’s Elantra Becomes Best-selling Vehicle in Canada Last Month (02/16/2015)

Hyundai Motor’s Avante (or Elantra in the local market) ranked the best-selling vehicle in Canada last month.

According to Hyundai Motor and the automobile industry, the sales of Avante reached 3,083 units in Canada last month, a 14.8 percent increase from the previous year. Excluding pick-up trucks and recreational vehicles (RVs), which are in great demand in the Canadian market, Hyundai Avante became the largest-selling single model in the auto market. The Toyota Corolla ranked 2nd. The Honda Civic, which had been the top selling sedan for 17 years in a row, ranked 3rd, as its sales decreased by more than 30 percent last year.

Even though Hyundai Motor ranked 5th in the annual sales record of the local brands last year, it jumped to number three last month, thanks to the good performance of the Avante.


Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors have steadily increased its sales in the major global markets, including the U.S., Europe and China, and sold more than 8 million units last year. However, sales in Canada have decreased for two years in a row.

An official from the auto industry said, “I think this is because Hyundai Motor had the special promotion event last month, celebrating the conclusion of the Korea-Canada FTA. It is too early to decide whether the sales would steadily increase.”

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